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How Moon Pies Gave Me You

Saturday, March 25th, 2006

(Tune: Moonglow)































M. Clary

First Written, September, 1991

Here We Are !!

Saturday, March 25th, 2006

[Tune: Jingle Bells ]

Here We Are — Here We Are

To Spend Some Time With You

One Plus Four — And Then one more

Aren’t We A Motley Crew? Oh!


Here We Are — Here We Are

We’ve Traveled Long And Far

From Californ To Memphis Town

We ventured In Our Car



Driving In The Rain….It Surely Was A Pain

O’er Desert And The Plain….And Potholes In Our Lane

It Gave Us Such A Thrill….With Clary At The Wheel

Oh What Fun It Was Until He Made Us Very Ill



Here We Are — Here We Are

To Spend Some Time With You

One Plus Four And Then one more

Aren’t We A Motley Crew? Oh!


Here We Are — Here We Are

Your Faces Show Elation

We Can See How Glad You Are



M. Schroeder

December, 1991 (Memphis)

Why I Fly

Saturday, March 25th, 2006

I fly to help me accept where “Kary” has gone…… Several years ago, my beautiful niece Kary (a 35-year old wife and mother of three children ages 2, 4 and 5) unexpectedly died one morning at home. Her baby girl was sleeping, her two boys at school, and her husband was working at the hospital in Flagstaff, AZ. My distraught daughter, attending school at the local university there, contacted me. I only knew one thing to do. I needed to get there from Texas to be with my family and do so as quickly as possible. I began calling the airlines, thinking it would be easy to get an immediate flight. I called several (including American) but began to realize I would likely need to drive to AZ. The fares were more than I could afford. Something caused me to dial the American Airlines number one more time. The American agent (angel) sensed something gravely wrong within my voice. I began to cry. Shortly thereafter, I was on a flight within a couple of hours; I never felt the financial pinch. I boarded my flight, took a window seat, and became absorbed in thought. I never heard the voices of the pilot, the flight attendants, nor the passengers. Deep within, I wondered if I was just dreaming and that Kary had not died. I tried within my thoughts to comprehend the “whys” of her shortened life. I had wondered where she was. I stared out the small window of the plane as it entered a beautiful cloud bank. Suddenly, in the distance, I saw a figure in white, gently waving and smiling as she always did with those perfect teeth. Her shiny, long blonde hair blew gently against the clouds. I put my hand against the tiny window and waved back as I saw her ascend upwards and disappear. I blinked and wiped away my tears, then closed my eyes and thought, “No one would ever believe this, so it’ll just remain my special secret.” I offered up a silent prayer of thanksgiving. For it was at that very moment, I was able to accept where “Kary” had gone. Perhaps this may seem a silly or ridiculous story to tell, but it happened exactly this way. The encounter left an imprint on my soul. Without trying to commercialize this personal event, I can honestly say I have formed a kinship with American. And, I suppose I will continue to somehow believe, if I sit by that very window….I will see her again. M.Clary September 17, 2004

The Clary Christmas Letter of 2004

Saturday, March 25th, 2006

Happy Holidays From Texas, Y’all !! We both realize this greeting may be one of many “too-lazy-to-write-inside-each-Christmas-card” letters you’ll receive this holiday season. However, there is the option of not reading it. We will never know. Should you decide to do so, we’ll try to not to bore you with glitter. Let’s see…..what has been happening in the lives of two mature adults living on Farmstead Road in Fairview, Texas? How ‘bout eight (8) “At-A-Glance” line items? 1. Ron still is employed by our Town of Fairview, in the capacity of Director of Economic Development. Seems to enjoy “small town politics.” 2. Maureen, working for EDS the last 10 years (a PM in Workforce Planning & Management), will likely take the early retirement package offered employees, effective December 31, 2004. Her departure appears to be related to simply, “it’s just time.” 3. Ron and Maureen became grandparents for the first time in April of 2003, when daughter Marisa and husband Rand, gave birth to Rand “Kolton” Green!!! Soon, Little Kolt will become a “big brother” when a new baby boy enters their lives in January of 2005. Maureen will travel to San Diego for several weeks to “pretend she still knows how to care for a tiny infant.” The distance away from her family has been rough. 4. Maureen’s son, Marc, is now back in San Diego working for a travel insurance protection provider. He’s their web site designer & editor. He became tired of the cold weather in Boulder, CO…..said he “missed the sun and the ocean.” He’s still single and really likes being “Uncle Marty.” 5. Ron’s and Maureen’s health has had its ups and downs the past couple of years. Ron’s had two back surgeries, a tennis ball-sized tumor removed from his leg, and kidney stone surgery. It wasn’t pretty. Maureen has had so many ailments, they are not worth addressing in a holiday letter. We do know she DOES NOT have St. Vitus Dance, so that’s a blessing. One thing that has surfaced from these challenges has been her ability to correctly spell/pronounce every ailment plus relate the clinical specifics. OK, enough said. 6. Yes, Bob-The-Dog is still alive. He’s almost 13 years; snores a lot. Yet, he truly has been our “Texas Prairie Home Companion.” Thee best canine – and everyone knows and loves Bob. Our wonderful neighbors down the road (The Hinton’s) are his adoptive parents. Often, he goes to their home for comfort when we are cross with him. The sympathy he receives there……oh please! 7. Maureen continues to write and hopes during her temporary retirement to document a life’s worth of stories and poems. Son Marc already has designed a website for her creations entitled, “In My Own Write.” She also hopes to go through 10 boxes of photographs and organize them; then, plans to spend more time with her two wonderful sisters and best friend out west. 8. This past August, Ron lost his dad after a courageous battle with a severe infection from a prior hip surgery. It was a most sad time for the entire Clary family. Amazingly, his mother still runs the family business that has been part of their lives for more than 52 years. His dad was 81. Brother Neal and family still live in Selma, AL and sister Keven and husband live in Nashville, TN. That’s about it, folks. Here’s Wishing ALL OF YOU A Very Happy 2005 New Year !!!! THE CLARYS OF FAIRVIEW, TEXAS

In Memory of Rick O’Neal Clary – September 28, 1922 to August 24, 2004

Saturday, March 25th, 2006

Today we all have congregated And shall bid our earthly goodbye To a man – friend, husband, and daddy As this was ‘his time’ to die Yes, there will be sorrow Of many different degrees For everyone here has experienced Moments ‘shared’ with him, you see There were many times of laughter And times of some distress Yet I had often seen a special side Of his ‘fatherly’ pride, at best Three children, he and Charlotte shared Ronny, Neal, ‘n daddy’s girl, Keven All of you made him very proud And now, he’s watching you from Heaven And Charlotte, deep inside you know He truly loved you best Through life’s good and ruff-n-tumble times 61 years – you both stood the ultimate test For you, his business associates Long-time veteran buddies and dear friends He once told me that he always knew On all of you, he could depend To the remainder of our small family We’ll continue to carry on Forever strong, remain our ‘memories’ Outlasting life, however long Finally, may we all remember We are only here ‘short-term’ And God has given us His Word to live by To show our lessons learned M. Clary August 28, 2004

Marc – In Celebration Of Your 29th Year

Saturday, March 25th, 2006

Here’s wishing peace and happiness To you, my wonderful son I wish I could help you celebrate To laugh and have some fun I hope you will forever remember How special you are to me I feel so blessed to be your mom My “miracle” child who always will be Even though we may, at times See the world so differently The love I carry in my heart Is strong and will not cease Most of all, if anything I hope you know I tried To raise a little boy into becoming A man of decency and pride Of course, you will have challenges That life sets upon your plate But it is how you accept them That really seals your fate Whenever moments drag you down You need to remember prayer To fervently and sincerely ask GOD, to be with you there And, in times of triumph You should thank HIM just the same For all the good that comes to you And for all that you have gained May HE remain close at hand As you encounter another year Remember, too, your close family Who love you and are always near Love from Mom, January 29, 2004

A Father

Saturday, March 25th, 2006

When a man becomes a father His life has incredibly changed He’s brought forth a new generation That God has beautifully arranged A child can tug at his heartstrings A smile brings tears to his eyes He’ll vow to be forever protective And always be there to advise Sometimes he might be called “daddy” Or “dad” or “father” or by “name” Even when his child is adopted Love outweighs all obstacles claimed Sometimes a father’s not around much Due to change in life’s circumstance But that shouldn’t mean he’s not valued As there’s room for another chance There are fathers and dads and daddies Who have lost at this earthly race But their children still have the memories And know they’re in a much better place No matter a man’s status or fortune From homeless, to average, to fame It’s important to always remember That all fathers do have a name With that in mind, let’s remember To listen to the beckoning call From the first name in our Holy Trinity The most Wonderful Father of all !! M. Clary June 10, 2003


Saturday, March 25th, 2006

Three Of Us – laughing, singing, hugging, weeping Each Of Us – loving, giving, sharing, being Three Of Us – alike, in many ways Each Of Us – different, as the days Three Of Us – parted by individuality Each Of Us – joined by some formality Three Of Us – missing one another, deeply Each Of Us – yet, understanding completely M. Clary 1970

An ‘Ol Girl Named E

Saturday, March 25th, 2006

There once was a girl named E So beautiful as anyone could be But her heart was so tender That she would surrender To any guy who would say, "hey, love me!" She married quiet young for her days But with him she could no longer stay Not because he longed to ramble But because he always gambled This frightened the little girl in her, away. Another man once called her his honey And did have alot of "fools" money Though he was quite smart He had a selfish, cold heart And she thought she could change him…how funny! Then tragedy entered her existence It came with such hardened persistence But her endurance was strong And she persevered along Continuing with utmost acceptance. As the days began passing too fast Revealing wrinkles caused by her past She went under the knife Paid much to update her life And attracted a younger man at last. Behind all this is the twister The younger man isn't liked by her sisters Because their strong intuitions Say he's got suspicious intentions And they'd like to kick him out on his keester. The irony of the situation is this Why did HE move in with our sis? This role is totally reversed Can't she see the situation is cursed? Is there something we see, that she's missed? What type of guy who's got money Would make our sister work in his laundry? To fold and to stack Towels and sheets on a rack For insurance? Now, we're in a quandry! But when "our pretty" falls down We'll pick her up off the ground We'll dry all her tears Give her hand-me-downs to wear (oh sure!) And say, "We're glad this 'ol bat's still around!" M.Clary July 20, 2001

Kareen Adele Paulsen Christensen

Saturday, March 25th, 2006

[I took the initials of her first and second name to create this little poem] KAREEN ADELE Kindness of your gentle spirit Always showed in your beautiful smile Recognizing your husband and children, your most precious gifts…though just for awhile Enjoying times with family and friends Ever-so-happy with the life you had Never did we believe you'd leave this way…sad All who know you surely will grieve…and, Dear to our hearts, you'll always be Even when we reminisce memories we hold in heart Love is the word that comes to mind Eternally…'til we're no longer apart With all my love, Auntie Maureen April, 1998