A Father

When a man becomes a father His life has incredibly changed He’s brought forth a new generation That God has beautifully arranged A child can tug at his heartstrings A smile brings tears to his eyes He’ll vow to be forever protective And always be there to advise Sometimes he might be called “daddy” Or “dad” or “father” or by “name” Even when his child is adopted Love outweighs all obstacles claimed Sometimes a father’s not around much Due to change in life’s circumstance But that shouldn’t mean he’s not valued As there’s room for another chance There are fathers and dads and daddies Who have lost at this earthly race But their children still have the memories And know they’re in a much better place No matter a man’s status or fortune From homeless, to average, to fame It’s important to always remember That all fathers do have a name With that in mind, let’s remember To listen to the beckoning call From the first name in our Holy Trinity The most Wonderful Father of all !! M. Clary June 10, 2003

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