Marc – In Celebration Of Your 29th Year

Here’s wishing peace and happiness To you, my wonderful son I wish I could help you celebrate To laugh and have some fun I hope you will forever remember How special you are to me I feel so blessed to be your mom My “miracle” child who always will be Even though we may, at times See the world so differently The love I carry in my heart Is strong and will not cease Most of all, if anything I hope you know I tried To raise a little boy into becoming A man of decency and pride Of course, you will have challenges That life sets upon your plate But it is how you accept them That really seals your fate Whenever moments drag you down You need to remember prayer To fervently and sincerely ask GOD, to be with you there And, in times of triumph You should thank HIM just the same For all the good that comes to you And for all that you have gained May HE remain close at hand As you encounter another year Remember, too, your close family Who love you and are always near Love from Mom, January 29, 2004

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