In Memory of Rick O’Neal Clary – September 28, 1922 to August 24, 2004

Today we all have congregated And shall bid our earthly goodbye To a man – friend, husband, and daddy As this was ‘his time’ to die Yes, there will be sorrow Of many different degrees For everyone here has experienced Moments ‘shared’ with him, you see There were many times of laughter And times of some distress Yet I had often seen a special side Of his ‘fatherly’ pride, at best Three children, he and Charlotte shared Ronny, Neal, ‘n daddy’s girl, Keven All of you made him very proud And now, he’s watching you from Heaven And Charlotte, deep inside you know He truly loved you best Through life’s good and ruff-n-tumble times 61 years – you both stood the ultimate test For you, his business associates Long-time veteran buddies and dear friends He once told me that he always knew On all of you, he could depend To the remainder of our small family We’ll continue to carry on Forever strong, remain our ‘memories’ Outlasting life, however long Finally, may we all remember We are only here ‘short-term’ And God has given us His Word to live by To show our lessons learned M. Clary August 28, 2004

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