Retirement “Battle Song” For Colonel Rod Smith

[Tune: US Marines Battle Song – “From The Shores Of Montezuma”]


From the halls of S.D.C.C.D.

To the doors of E.C.C.

Rod smith taught our students grammar

In the classroom; in the street


First to fight for education’s freedom

And to keep our standards high

We are proud to claim this statement:

“Our District Mission Will Survive”


For all the years you’ve given us

We are grateful that you stayed

 You’ve contributed to our success

We say “Thanks” for the role you played


 Here’s our wish for health and happiness

As you leave us all with gloom

 We’ve been very proud to serve with you

But now we all will have more room


As you close the door on this career

 We know you’ll be just fine

 You’ve instilled in us the courage

To go forward to our front lines



 Ever look to heaven’s scenes

They will find the streets are guarded

By Colonel Smith of E.C.C


We Salute You & Thank You!

M. Schroeder-Clary

Late 1980’s

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