An ‘Ol Girl Named E

There once was a girl named E So beautiful as anyone could be But her heart was so tender That she would surrender To any guy who would say, "hey, love me!" She married quiet young for her days But with him she could no longer stay Not because he longed to ramble But because he always gambled This frightened the little girl in her, away. Another man once called her his honey And did have alot of "fools" money Though he was quite smart He had a selfish, cold heart And she thought she could change him…how funny! Then tragedy entered her existence It came with such hardened persistence But her endurance was strong And she persevered along Continuing with utmost acceptance. As the days began passing too fast Revealing wrinkles caused by her past She went under the knife Paid much to update her life And attracted a younger man at last. Behind all this is the twister The younger man isn't liked by her sisters Because their strong intuitions Say he's got suspicious intentions And they'd like to kick him out on his keester. The irony of the situation is this Why did HE move in with our sis? This role is totally reversed Can't she see the situation is cursed? Is there something we see, that she's missed? What type of guy who's got money Would make our sister work in his laundry? To fold and to stack Towels and sheets on a rack For insurance? Now, we're in a quandry! But when "our pretty" falls down We'll pick her up off the ground We'll dry all her tears Give her hand-me-downs to wear (oh sure!) And say, "We're glad this 'ol bat's still around!" M.Clary July 20, 2001

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