The Work Saga Of Anniel Winston-Hall

It takes a special person, to really get involved And globalize, not compromise, this product called EVOLVE It takes true dedication, perseverance, and some "gab" The perfect type of leader, EDS should always have Her name is Anniel, Winston-Hall is her surname She's taking the initiative, all the way to global fame It matters not that there are quirks; sometimes it's just demand But her great team of professionals, are always close at hand Her leader, Charles Carter, has so very much to do So Goodpasture & Team Brekelmans, they keep things running smooth Iodice and Andrew, Angelo and McLean Thomas, Garneau, and "Pino" are still intact, it seems And when she's faced with problems, she always seeks resolve And calls upon the sub-committee, and gets them all involved They gather and they brainstorm; opinions fly with expertise And they come to some consensus, so that everyone agrees As Anniel moves forward, with workforce planning tasks She knows there will be questions, that always will be asked If she doesn't have the answer, she'll find out right away And will strive to reply back to you, by "Close of Business" day In closing, I would like to say: EVOLVE we should enjoy After all, this application, is keeping us all employed If I have left out someone's name, on this day and time Forgive me, it wasn't intentional. I just ran out of rhyme M. Clary March 20, 2002

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