Jeanie Kubiak’s 55th Birthday Song

[sung to the Beatles tune: "When I'm 54"] She's just so helpful She's just so sweet Anytime you call (bump pa dum pa dum) Whenever you need her She is always there This dream, our Jeanie She really cares From TTS Orgs To Product Evolve Workforce Planning, oh she thrives Yes, we still need her Yes, we still love her Though she's 55 When our Ms. Jeanie's Given a task She checks out each detail (bump pa dum pa dum) And if there is a problem She figures it out So Sig, Jaye and Jean Won't have any doubt Maybe someday, when Evolve's "error free" Then we'll realize Yes, we did need her Yes, we did love her When she was 55 But today, we still need her And we still love her Though she's 55 !!!! M. Clary April 8, 2002

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