Shake That Chickin’

Shake the Chickin'… He is a mass of grey feathers… When he squawks, annoyance surrounds me… Love that chickin !! Marc =====================*************====================== Ohhhhhhhhh….. There Once Was A Frickin' Chickin' Whose Feathers Were All Gray Oh Marc, He Loved That Chickin' And There's So Much More To Say He Taught That Chickin' How To Talk And Ride A Radio-controlled Car He'd Bam The Car Into Furniture But Chickin' Held To The Spoiler Bar Once Momma Taught That Chickin' To Whistle Loudly And To Sing It Was Just So Very Lovely Until The Shrill Of A Piercing Sting Then Marc Would Take That Chickin' Out Of His Birdcage Space And That Quieted Frickin' Chickin' Cause Chickin' Picked Skin Off His Face Chickin' Liked To Fly Around And Sit Upon The Ledge But Marc Began To Realize That Was Chickin' Shit On His Head But Oh That Frickin' Chickin' Is Still Alive Today He's Been With Marc For 20+ Years Neener's Gift To Marc On His B-day!! Thanks A Heep, Neener!! M. Clary

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