Romano’s Macaroni Grill

Romano’s Macaroni Grill Is A Wonderful Place To Dine When You Cannot Eat Inside Use The “Take Out” Line If You’re Having A Party Let Them Be Your Chef You Will Be The “Shining Star” With Little Food Ever Left They Always Have Variety Italian Menu, “Superb” Selections “Favorites” Remain A Constant’ But They’re Open To New Suggestions All You Truly Need To Do Is Let Them “Hear From You” They Do Listen To Their Guests The Way A Business Should Do Stop By For Lunch Or Dinner They’d Love For You To Join ‘N Try Their New EntrĂ©e Salads The Rossa Or Grilled Tenderloin Perhaps, Lobster Ravioli Veal Parmesan With A Glass Of Wine Whatever Your Palate Desires Well-Spent Will Be Your Time Therefore, Please, May I Impose Try At Least One Meal? No Doubt You’ll Be Delighted And Understand Just How I Feel It’s Like Sitting In The Kitchen Of A Happily-Cooking Italian Mom To Find Out More About Them? Internet: M. Clary August 1, 2004

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