In Memory Of Annie V. Winston – August 2, 2004

"Mommy, my dear" — I'll miss you so Your passing was God's will — I know He took you to — this holy place And gave to you — a special space I\'m sorry I was — so far away When He stopped to visit — on that day I guess He desired — your utmost attention So He could tell you — of His grand intention The time had come — for you to leave Those left behind — could only grieve Yet, we all knew — just where you went Your life was blessed — and heaven-sent From babyhood — to married mother Your life fulfilled — unlike any other God brought to you — a loving man Created children — with His Precious Hand You and “Daddy” — taught us so much We’ll always remember — your tender touch Then reminisce — about the past With memories — that will always last So “Mommy” — now you are at peace Remember our love — shall never cease And “Daddy” — he’ll be glad you’re home You both, no longer — shall be alone Farewells can be — a painful thing But it truly helps — remembering Christ-like examples — you displayed To keep us focused — on God’s Pathway M.Clary August 4, 2004

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