Candle Names

CANDLE COLLECTIONS by Betty Guerra, Lewisville, TX ( BOUNTIFUL HARVEST Absolutely Apple Cinnamon Stick Cranberry Essence Pomegranate Promenade Pomegranate Marmalade Pumpkin Fields GLORIOUS HOLIDAYS Christmas Candy Cane Christmas Spice Gingerbread Joy Kris Kingle Kranberry Patchouli Spruce DESSERTS UNLEASHED!! Cappuccino Creme Chocolate Lace Coconut Carnival French Coffee House Creme Brulee (a staple) Irish Blarneystone Creme MOM'S KITCHEN MEMORIES Buttery Vanilla Cakebake Carrot Cake Carousel Frangipani Almond Fresh Baked Bread Morning Break Snickerdoodle-Doo BERRIES AND CHERRIES Bayberry Watch Black Cherry Jubilee Blueberry Burst Washington's Cherry Tree Cranberry 'n Crimson Mulberry Bush Muscadine Vineyards Raspberry Rapture SUMMER DAZE Dreamsicle Dream Glorious Gardenia Honeydew This Honeysuckle Vine Kiwi Kiss Again Lemonade for Two Fresh Limeade ala Braums My, My Magnolia Orange Zest 'n Zip Orange Blossom Special Peaches 'n Ice Creme Peach Mango-Mango Kiwi-Strawberry Pie Tangerine Tango Texas Bluebonnets Watermelon Wow AROMAAURA THERAPY Essential Eucalyptus Peppermint Renewal Patchouli Pulse Point Relaxxxxxxxx Restful Rose Sandlewood Sleep Spearmint Sensation M. Clary August 15, 2002

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