Christmas Card Verses

Card 1: Holidays…. A joyful time to reflect upon the good things…. that moment when we grasp the wonder of all that matters Love, health, family, friendships… even places we have been, become a part of who we are May you experience all that is meaningful to you…. knowing that we wish you the Best Holiday Season, ever! ********************************************************* Card 2: May this festive season bring you a measure of peace, health and loveĀ…. Peace , to recognize all that is good…. Health, to strengthen all that is good… Love, to display within all that good…. Happy Holidays ********************************************************* Card 3: 'Tis The Season To Be Of Good Cheer We Are So Thankful For Those We Hold Dear Our Family, Our Friends, Our Acquaintances Too Merry Christmas From Us – Happy New Year To You! ******************************************************* Goofy Card 4: We thot weed send this kard to yew To whish yew a happee seesun So sit it by yor ChristerTree Fer no utherspechull reesun This kard heer's un ohridge inull Paynted in a stew-dee-oh It's Weesie's favrite place to be When she ainta warshin' close We wanta say, Merri Christer Happee New Yeer tu frends so trew If you want to see more pikshurs She's gotta a website too! Happy Holidays From Mookie and Weesie Hall Northridge Trailer Park

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