Charles Carter and the Big 25

September 6, 1977 – September 6, 2002 Attention everybody! Here’s a great surprise Charles Carter has finally reached The Big ‘ol Twenty-Five Now we are not referring To another year of age That was rather long ago… So let’s turn to another page A quarter of a century Two-five to be exact That he has worked at EDS And his mind is still intact! Of course, this is understandable Why should we be surprised? Charles takes a leader’s role And opens all our eyes Head-on he meets those challenges Never places a harsh blame And he doesn’t really seem to mind When you call him by his first name He respects and cares for others Gives a challenge with a clue He always is approachable Even when he has much to do For those of us who work with him We see reliability and veracity These qualities truly matter And are synonymous with integrity So remember this, dear Charles Just be YOU and keep up the pace For we all are really thankful You’re not just another pretty face! "Congratulations with God’s blessing!" As you celebrate today Know you mean so much to us Each and every day! M. Clary September, 6, 2002

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