A Poem: An Ode to Biscuits – Ode to Rolls

I thought I had experienced Everything in this land For weeks ‘n weeks I heard Hal Jay Talk about something so grand He mentioned where he found them In the grocery freezer section So I just took it upon myself And listened for further direction Hal said these were the finest And wife, Ann, would never lie Said they were better than she could make Only the best for her guy So I thought I'd pay them mind Went to the grocery store I parked my truck right in front Of the double sliding doors I bought four bags of frozen dough PILLSBURY printed on the label I took them home 'n baked them up Biscuits 'n rolls upon the table They were good and oh so yummy Momma couldn't believe I baked She called in all the kinfolk, said "There must be some mistake!" "This girl is no kitchen queen Why she can't boil water But she's outdone her Momma Oh what's become of my daughter?!" They all sat down for supper Couldn't believe that homemade taste That came from store-bought biscuits 'n rolls Not one went to waste So take some wise advice, my friends As "ODE's" will come and go Eat PILLSBURY FROZEN BISCUITS And PILLSBURY FROZEN ROLLS M. Clary October, 2003

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