A New Angel In Heaven – Cami Hall

Oh sweet precious child – that God has loved so dear Has called you up to Heaven – so He could hold you near It hurt Him very deeply – to see you in such pain And He knew your special family – also felt the same We guess He really needed you – to come Home right away So He sent His special angels – to visit you yesterday He arranged for Daddy and Mommy – and brother Dillon, too To be there, by your side – and say goodbye to you Your little heart could not go on – your tiny body fought As much as they had hoped you’d stay – no more time could be bought You displayed a lot of courage – and when pain was severe Your twinkling eyes and perfect smile – always persevered All who have ever known you – doctors and nurses, too Have heartfelt admiration – for the bravery shown by you And though in your 9 short years – you lost an earthly race Your new Home now is Heaven – and it’s such a perfect place Remember, Little Cami – you’ll remain in all our hearts You’ll never leave our memories – our spirits never will part Until the day when we shall see – your happy little face Welcoming us to Heaven – and to Your Very Special Space. M. Clary June 4, 2003

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