Whenever A Hero Stumbles

<I wrote this because so many critics wanted to crucify this conservative talk show host because he had a problem with addiction to prescription drugs…something I understand. He was man enough to admit it to his fans and tell it like it is…as he always has done. For that reason, I have the utmost respect for him. > When a man so many admire…makes a grave mistake There is so much viciousness…and ugliness for social sake Yet what is never really seen…is his human soul inside In spite of all his worldly charm…he is on a frightening ride His journey takes him to a place…where everything seems fine But body, mind and spirit burdened….with pain – a significant sign Yet he continues onward….persevering with inner strength As science has provided him….less agony at any length The gift of modern medicine….has aided the human race But often times a price is paid….with a challenge one must face For him, it entered cautiously….like a thief late at night Soon it was all-consuming….but he didn’t know to fight So very swift and charming…..this hero he was claimed It was easy to point fingers….and it was easy to place blame What was not so understood….were chemicals plus one victim That quietly inhabited his body….dependency, then addiction It never meant other than….his pain was kept at bay As far as he could recognize….he got through another day When critics came to censure him….attempting to disgrace He courageously told his audience….of a problem that he faced What this really shows here….is true measure of a man Meeting a problem head-on, getting help….with support from his fans There will always be those….who will mumble and will grumble Because they are only gratified….WHENEVER A HERO STUMBLES. M.Clary November 18, 2003

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