The Evolution Of A Fellowship

The Evolution Of A Fellowship – And How This Little Church Began…And Grew In our early beginnings – we were rather small With a handful of worshipers – answering God’s call We banded all together – though limited in space To give honor, praise, and glory – to a Lord so full of grace We did feel very humbled – yet, had a common goal To grow into a fellowship – and nurture every soul As the days and months passed – our gatherings increased With such virtuous leadership – Our Lord seemed very pleased It was at that very time – we felt His inspiration Changes soon would come to pass – for the ongregation: “All Nations” A search began for a permanent place – He had paved the way We celebrated with ‘open doors’ – in 2001, on Palm Sunday Now just 5 years later – we wonder where time went And with our evolving ministries – our time has been well spent We feed the homeless, tend the aged – and we know He hears us sing We pray for growth and wisdom – and we glorify Our King But perhaps the strongest bond of all – is the diversity we share Our premise is it matters not – our color, culture, or what we wear What counts is how we love one another – to this we are resigned To always be “Christian by Faith – Diverse by Design” So as we celebrate this day – opening wide our worship doors It shall not be of concern – if one is rich or poor For all who enter are welcomed – as all souls have a need For it is here that Christ will live – in every single seed M. Clary January 11, 2004

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