The Wedding of Roger and Dr. Jane

Roger Shellenberger asked me to help him write something serious to say at his wedding day ceremony. Of course, I had to also come up with a few humorous words as well. This day is very special And I want you to believe Just how much I love you, Jane As you’re God’s gift to me I had long been searching For someone I could love Then I asked God to intercede Prayer answered……from above He brought to me my soul mate Yes you, my dearest one He so carefully weaved us But His work was not quite done He presented us opportunity To know each other well And when I did propose to you Any doubts had been dispelled So as we are brought together And become “one” with these vows Let us thank Our God this day For the joy that we feel now! ——- From The Humorous Side… Now that wur married ‘n yer ma new wyfe I shor can say this now: “Glad yer inn ma life!” It twus luv at furst site I noed frum tha start That yew wus sew speshull Cuzz yer uh surgin ov hart! Yew can call me “Rog Baby” ‘n I’ll just say “Hay Jane” We must dew it this hear way Kuzz our last name’s tha same!! Yer friend, Gomer Glunk M. Clary August, 2002

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