The Tale Of A Dirt Doctor

Y’all come ‘n listen….there’s a tale I’d like to share ‘bout a man named Howard Garrett….who made us all aware That bad things still are happening….to our planet, Earth So he introduced the ‘The Natural Way’….’n all that it is worth There are those who’ll turn their heads….’n look the other way They still hire Chem-Kill….use aerosol bug sprays It doesn’t seem to matter….the more chemicals they breathe Are destroying precious human cells….yet they do not believe Some time ago, a light went off….inside Howard’s head “I just cannot sit around….or the whole world could be dead. I am going to find a way….to get folks to agree.” So he opted for talk radio….on W B A P Soon he started talking….every week into that mike Wrote books, newspaper articles….went ‘TV public’ with his life Along with some great sponsors….and a dedicated ‘crew’ He moved forward with his mission….to kindly tell us what to do More folks began to listen….’n started calling in With questions ‘bout sick trees ‘n shrubs….plus little pesty friends Howard’s got an answer….if something doesn’t grow But he’s never been too proud to say….”I’ll find out, if I don’t know.” Now becoming all organic….is not a brand new science It’s getting back to basics….and forming an alliance To dispose of all the toxic junk….synthetics, carcinogens And holler at those scientists….at good ‘ol A & CheM” Now hear this ‘organiphobes’….just once, try Garrett Juice Build yourself a compost pile….turn it ‘n keep it loose Always aerate your soil….’n build organic content Very soon you’ll see results…..then wonder where the weeds went To you, ‘listeners of nature’….you know what causes harm Matters not if you’re a city slick….or grew up on a farm You’ve heard ‘bout the fire ants….’n sneaky little weevils How to avoid mosquito spraying….the bigger of those evils So, take this tale for what it’s worth….but force yourself to be Vigilant in writing EPA, FDA…..’n RISE in ‘ol DC Join Dirt Doctor’s Ground Crew….share his message everywhere Whenever there’s a Missing Link….Howard Garrett will be there!!! M.Clary March, 2004

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