Pam’s 50th Birthday Bash!

(Sung to the tune of: "My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean") This gal named Pam has turned 50 You may find it hard to believe She still looks so young and so pretty Few wrinkles or crows feet you’ll see Our Pam was an only child And grew up in Aggie country She married her junior high sweetheart Had two kids named Kyle and Kaylee Bridge: Fifty…………Fifty You’ve left the old age of youth….Next Page!! Fifty…………Fifty You’re now in the youth of old age!! Now Pam owns a farm down in Bryan A nice house on Kiowa lake She appreciates what life has to offer Like great wine, fine jewelry, chocolate cake And when she starts feeling weary Won’t sit around because it’s a sin She’ll go out and play some hard tennis Then relax at the spa in Austin Bridge: Her career now’s with McDougal Littell Much more fun that at Prentiss-Hall She sure knows how to sell those textbooks Sometimes it just takes one phone call One day when she finally retires She knows what she would like to do….by far! Sell feathers and marshmallows From the trunk of her Lexus car Bridge: Dear Pam, enjoy your birthday You’ve been here a half century We know you count all of your blessings You’re the best that you can be Please know how much we all love you Or we wouldn’t be here right now Take all of these fine words of wisdom You go girl! Now just take a bow! M. Clary January 3, 2003

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