Happy Birthday – Tony Ottea

Happy Birthday, dear sweet Tony We are happy to be here To sing, to laugh, to celebrate Another amazing year !! You know that we all love you Or we wouldn't have shown face To eat, to talk, to drink some wine At Marita and Eddie's place !! We know you've made a lot of friends Throughout years in your exciting life But the best thing that ever happened to you Was finding Mary, your wonderful wife !! The two of you bring so much joy And we're happy you like us all Because when we're together like this We really do have a ball !! So here's wishing you continued health Contentment and much happiness Having you as our good friend We know we are truly blessed !! May God be always with you And know, our prayers He will hear As we bow our heads and fervently ask To be invited again next year !! So we may help you celebrate The best way we know and can “ e una brava persona” In Italian means: “He is a nice man !!” M. Clary November, 2003

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