Jazz For Everyone

The sound of Jazz can be red hot or cool To dance to its beat, quite aerobic But view this word in a different light And not in the form of jazz music In the workplace, Jazz is a "Challenge" Yet provokes great ideas and thoughts Jazz can help us "Collaborate" And not dwell on old battles fought Jazz can be "Fun" and "Exciting" And energize us to work hard and true Jazz can be "Satisfying" and "Rewarding" When achievements are more than a few Jazz is what we should strive for To be "Happy" when we've reached a goal "Knowing" that we've "added value" Not as one, but the team as a whole So let us get Jazzed and be upbeat Seize this moment of opportunity Take what we've learned – declare a position And stand for a new possibility !! M. Clary April 15, 2002

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