An Ode To ‘Ol Bob From North Carolina

The rumor mill dun told me…yew was goin' on vacayshuh I can see yer all x-cited…and filled with such elayshun For me? I won't be jellus…or feel hardly any gloom Cuzz while yew ain't around here…I'll have alot more room I noed yew is a goin'…with a buncha good 'ol buddies Sum I heer are "boozers"…and uthers "fuddie-duddies" But I want yew to reemember…that "Boats 'n Booze" don't mix So I'm sendin' somethin' with yew…if yew get in to a fix I was at a Sidewalk Sale…in a WalMart parkin'lot A pear of them cot my eye…and just had to be bot Uhv corse they R a name brand…one yew'd know quite well And they R in purrfict shape…plus I got 'em both on sail When yew board that thar wadder craft…wear these littul swimmies Keep 'em on specially when…yew try to dreenk and shimmy If by sum strange misshap…y'all fall off that big 'ol barge Yer buddies won't say to yer kin…"guess 'ol Bob is still at large" M.Clary June, 2001

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