Ode To Corner Oaks – Orrville, Alabama

Well, I came to Alabama

Drove southwest to Orrville town

Stopped to eat at CORNER OAKS

The best restaurant around


A fine old mansion; I was impressed

So I stepped inside to see

Was greeted by the friendly folk

That southern hospitality


I ordered stir-fry vegetables

With shrimp scattered through and through

It was seasoned with a special spice

And I didn’t have a clue


So I asked the waitress, Ollie

But she would not spill the beans

For Chef Bill’s secret recipe

Could not be shared, it seems


I begged and pleaded on bended knee

So she went back to the kitchen

And very soon, Chef Bill appeared

Smiling, ’cause I had mentioned


That his cooking I so much enjoyed

And the magic from his pan

Would remain within my memory

I’d be his biggest fan


I suppose he took some pity

Upon this gal from way out west

He gave me the information

So I wouldn’t have to guess


M. Schroeder

April 26, 1991

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