A Milestone for Cami Hall – To Reach Her 9th Birthday

Cameron "Cami" Hall will be 9 years old on June 2, 2003. This poem was written for her, as she lay in the ICU of UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA. She has been there for 3 months. She is a very special little girl – an angel for certain – and one who displays an inordinate amount of courage. She survived much during her nine years; already she has had two heart transplants. Yet, in spite of the pain within her small body, her grandmother Louise has kept me informed of her progress and happy spirit..even in the face of suffering. Indeed, she is God's "special angel" and an inspiration to many. Happy 9th Birthday, Cami! Here's to you! CAMI, YOU’RE ONE SPECIAL GIRL WHO HAS TURNED AGE “NINE” IN JUNE IF I LIVED A LITTLE CLOSER I’D COME SING YOU A BIRTHDAY TUNE I’D PROBABLY SING A SILLY SONG WITH HAPPY SOUNDING NOTES MOST OF THE LYRICS YOU’D HEAR FROM ME WOULD JUST BE SOME WORDS I WROTE I’D SING ABOUT GOOFY ANIMALS WHO EAT CANDLES INSTEAD OF CAKE OR PERHAPS A RED-NOSED CLOWN AND THE MANY FACES HE WOULD MAKE OR I MIGHT SING ABOUT ICE CREAM ALL OVER SOMEONE’S FACE OR BALLOONS FILLED WITH HELIUM THAT FLY UP INTO SPACE SO HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CAMI AND DON’T YOU DARE BE TRICKED IF BROTHER, DILLON, GIVES YOU AN UPSIDE-DOWN NUMBER NINE… TO TEASE YOU ‘N SAY YOU’RE SIX!! M. Clary June 02, 2003

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