Marisa – from girl, to woman, to mother

When a girl becomes a woman And has learned from the very best The essence of her being Soon leaves the mothering nest When a woman finds her soul mate One she can love and adore Soon come “tugs” on her heartstrings That she can no longer ignore When a woman is finally with child Her life’s so incredibly changed She carries this precious cargo That God has beautifully arranged When a woman first sees her newborn And abandons the laboring pain She nurtures her tiny cherub Then adoringly gives “him” a name When a woman watches her child grow Each moment imprints on her heart The bond is so emotionally strong And their spirits are never apart When a woman then looks at her mother And sees that full circle has come Somehow, all life mends together In their own special way, they’ve both won When a woman recognizes her potential And is true to herself from within She’ll be the one who’s looked up to When a new generation begins Love from your mother, Maureen March 15, 2003

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