XM Satellite Radio Contest Entry – Trip to Ft.Lauderdale

An XM DJ, who loves the letter P (Ph, that is) Told me to enter, this contest for free He did not elaborate; said "Maybe you will win a trip to a place where you've never been!" Again, he did not elaborate; I had no details He said, "Send the letters XM inside your email" So this is exactly what I have just done I hope this is legit, as it sure sounds like fun. I've not been out of Texas, in many, many years 'n Fort Lauderdale, FL, has great weather, I hear I can certainly tell, all of you this To have a vacation, would be my fondest wish So let me know, just what I must do To enter this contest; please send me the rules If there is a form, that I must fill out Send it to me, as I'll have no doubt. That I'd like to truly, win this vacation You can rest assured, I'll be filled with elation The Sunshine State, Florida, is one place to be And beautiful Fort Lauderdale is waiting for me!! M.Clary October 14, 2004

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