They Will Always Be With Us – Remembering September 11, 2001

Today we will commemorate – those who lost their lives One year ago, on a Tuesday morn – some ‘chosen ones’ survived It was just another day – in New York and in DC And in a Pennsylvania field – where tragedy was to be Americans could not believe – what was witnessed on that day An atrocious attack on our homeland – nothing comparable, in any way The days have continued forward – and we find ourselves so guarded We’ve identified the guilty ones – but their lesson cannot be discarded We must maintain a vigilance – be cautious in whom we trust They might be friend or enemy – yet, they will always be with us If we choose to look the other way – pretending all is fine Another heartbreak will resurrect – then, where will we draw the line? It seems as if we are dealing with – a ‘holy war’ they say But it is just a weak excuse – to battle one more day When defining the word ‘holy’ – it means ‘blessed’ and/or ‘sacred’ Then why within their minds and hearts – is nothing, but pure hatred? How sad we find such evil ones – who refuse to live at peace That can only come when we – love our very selves, the least As we remember Nine Eleven – and watch settlings of the dust Lives no longer may be here – yet, they will always be with us Our nation must remain so strong – in everything we do Our lives have been enduringly changed – it’s not the America we once knew Pray! M. Clary September 11, 2002

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