Silence To The Heavens – Thoughts from September 11, 2001

As I looked toward the heavens – the sky was sad last night There were no sounds of aircraft – the stars were not as bright I walked around my plat of land – my mind wondered far away To a place of tragedy – where carnage came today The date was Nine Eleven – the year Two-Thousand One The terror felt in America – violated our known freedom Many of us wondered – “Where do we go from here?” But our undying spirit – will never be more dear The madness of our enemy – we never can forget But we need to find forgiveness – there IS a way….and yet, We must not permit their laughing cheers – to fill us with such rage Or we will lose our nation’s strength – as it knows no age Another morning dawns now – and we’ll begin again To persevere, yet express our pain – at this unpardonable sin We must support our country’s leaders – put political differences aside This heartbreak affects America – and there’s no place we can hide Let’s not forget our heroes – who gave their lives that day From airline crews to passengers – and those who came to aid The human lives imprisoned within – World Trade Center and Pentagon They will forever be remembered – as our lives continue on We may never have all the answers – to this senseless desecration But we can give of ourselves – and offer consolation The wound is deep, the healing long – so remember Nine Eleven For on that day, the aftermath, brought Silence To The Heavens M. Clary September 12, 2001

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