The Mystery Of Passing On

To pass away from this earthly life Can create a multitude of unexplainable thoughts. The continual mystery it creates makes me wonder When it will be my turn to leave and how soon it will come To ask me to do so? Will not my death be but a final act presented Upon my own stage? I believe it to be so. And, when I think of it in terms of performance I hope that I will be able to create The perfect farewell. When I was a child, I thought about death quite often Attributed to the frequency of attending the funerals Of many I barely knew; others were childhood friends. Yet, My dear mother disregarded such fearful thoughts As unacceptable behavior. In young adulthood, the idea rarely entered my mind As I was invincible and it wasn’t even a consideration. Approaching middle age, thoughts returned once again Yet, I had children to raise…to teach…to love… No time to just disappear. Enter a thief in the night, referring to “older” age, Which can often span the possibility Of at least five decades of remaining existence. Certain moments…regressions into childhood behaviors They come, but then, I knew they would. Now to leave the old age of my youth And enter the youth of my “older” age…is phenomenal. I ask myself one more time, “Was it worth it?” With conviction, I can say, “Yes!” And, just by reflecting Upon each experience in my life. Honestly, I did try to be a good person. Though, like all humans, I had many shortcomings With the exception of my two most precious triumphs – My children . They were true miracles from God and The best and most logical reason to persevere. Still, I will ask for one, final request To be forgiven by those of whom I may have caused pain So when the last curtain finally falls I can bow my head with humility and thanksgiving Being grateful to just have “lived!!” M.Clary January 13, 2003

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