The Gifts

Two very precious “gifts” were born Twenty years, plus a few more They joined a man and woman To became a family of four. The gifts were two small brothers And they were exceptionally blessed To be sent to such wonderful parents Who rarely got much rest! As these tiny sons grew Into energetic little boys They’d run and play inside and out With their many interesting toys. Yet, when their mother read to them They could be so very still Soon, this daily occurrence Made them early readers, at will. Their father would go off to work Their mother had much to do But the most important assignment she had Was loving and nurturing these two. They both grew up to be fine young men Awarding their parents with great pride Which all can be attributed To loving discipline and close family ties. Years would pass; things would change Their mother grew gravely ill In spite of all the pain she felt She displayed her strongest will They returned home and stayed awhile To be close and share memories They had while they were growing up These special moments were meant to be. They’d sit quietly and read to her In thanks for the times she took To read practically every story From all their childhood books. An important lesson can be learned here That is, “Treasure All Precious Time” Show abundant and heartfelt gratitude As we are the ones left behind. M. Clary February 2004

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