Permission To Leave

What shall I say to you, who is hurting? How might I help you to heal? Where in your mind seeks that comfort, When the pain is so deep and so real? Do I say, "I am so very saddened; I know you have suffered great loss?" Or simply say, "I'll cry with you," And help you to carry your cross. Many others will share this pain with you And will grieve for the passing of your wife. They’ll mourn for the mother your sons lost, Wondering the "whys" of her shortened life. Yet, what you must forever remember Is to hold on to those memories, strong. For it is here in the depth of your being, They'll provide you the strength to go on. Forget not, all the love her heart carried, The determination displayed; how she fought. She battled one of life's greatest illnesses, But more time just could not be bought. Next, take all her inspiration and remember Her smile….her laughter….her will. Know that her spirit will never leave you, Channeling a goodness only she can fill. Live each and every day and treasure it Knowing that she would want you to. It doesn’t mean you’ll forget her or ever will As this was her expectation of you. Thinking back to her final act of courage, She hoped you would truly believe That she was eternally grateful You gave her your ”permission to leave.” M.Clary February, 2004

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