Happy Birthday To Tim Morton – 45th Birthday

I heard a great big rumor..that your birthday is quite near But I just wanted to let you know..that I still think you're a dear Though you've just turned 45..amazing, you look so young So just sit back and rest assured..your song has yet to be sung Think of all you have accomplished..and be proud of who you are You're smart, friendly and approachable..your best assets, by far The things that matter most to you..are family and your friends Acquaintances you make at work..good wishes they'll surely send So enjoy your special day, Tim..as there'll be many more Take the time to just relax..and forget about EDS' chore There's much more that awaits you…like ridin' on your Harley Just do not wear the dreadlocks..like that singer named, Bob Marley Have a Great and Happy Birthday..and go hug your wife and kids But please don't snoop around the house..to find presents that they hid In closing, I would like to say..of you, I am so fond I know, I know it's hard to believe..this poem's written by a blonde!!! M. Clary May 26, 2002

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