Happy 45th Birthday to Jelene Ellington (EDS HR)

(Sung to the Beatles Tune: 'When I'm 64.') She's just so helpful She's just so sweet Anytime you call (bump pa dum pa dum) Whenever you need her She is always there Our Dream – Jelene E She really cares From data base tables In Recruiting Systems Eureka, oh she thrives Yes, we do need her – Yes, we do love her Though she's 45 When our Jelene E Is given a task She checks out each detail (bump pa dum pa dum) And if there is a problem She figures it out So the Recruiting Team Won't have any doubt Someday when Comet's error-free Then, we'll realize Yes, we did need her – Yes, we did love her When she was 45 But today, we still need her And we still love her Though……..She's…….. Fortyyyyyyyyyy……..Fiiiiiiiiiive……..!!! M.Clary October, 2004

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