Turn ‘Da Page

I went to visit my grandson For 2003 Christmas vacation I was so happy and excited And filled with grand elation He wasn't like I remembered him That teeny baby with long feet Instead he was a solid little boy And, of course, adorably-cuddly sweet I just wanted to hold him close Like all good grandmothers do And kiss his little chubby parts And sing the "Good Morning" song too From Texas, came a cowboy hat Some clothes and little books I put him in his "Pac 'n Play" So he could take a look He then picked up one tiny book And turned it 'round and 'round He was so very intense with it And made not one single sound Soon he flipped it up in frustration As if to say "What good is this?" It didn't make any noises at all So it mustn't have been on his Wish List So I picked up the cardboard book His mood I tried to gage Then I finally said to him, "Kolton, You HAVE to Turn 'Da Page!" I showed him just what to do He learned right from the start Then looked at me as if to say, "Wow, Nana….You're Pretty Smart!" What this has truly taught me Is there's no need to become enraged If you will only patiently remember You just need to "Turn 'Da Page!" M.Clary January 15, 2004

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