Three Angels

Once there were three angels Who were so very dear. Given to a faithful couple Who were filled with joyful tears. But Father God in Heaven Had such a different plan. He caressed these tiny angels In His Precious Hands. He took them to a special place Where all His faithful go. He ensured they went together So they would never be alone. Yet in every human frailty There will always be. A “How could a Lord and Savior, Take these precious gifts from me?” And, when the feelings surface With grief-consuming thoughts. It is important to remember All the lessons He has taught. His Will was done for a reason And not for us to second guess. We must remain forever devoted Trusting He always knows what’s best. Remember…He‘s still a God of Miracles And He understands this painful time. So, continue to seek His Guidance For He has more perfect things in mind. M.Clary November 18, 2004

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