Rueben-Luther Rudolph

<Sung to the tune of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………. Good ‘ol Rueben-Luther Rudolph Thought that he was quite the man He was a “surprise” addition In the hen house, near Willis Produce stand He could not have ever imagined How his life would quickly change He snuck in with a batch of pullets All smitten, though a bit deranged Then one cold and wintry day The hens exclaimed, indeed “Don’t need another rooster Eating up all our feed!” So they all banded together Gave him such a terrible time Pecked and drove him crazy Booted him in the behind Then the Mr. and the Mrs. Put him with some older hens They too, had no sympathy With Brewster-Rooster in the same pen Then one cold and wintry day Rueben-Luther ran out of luck He remained quite terrified When his feathers all got plucked Poor ‘ol Rueben-Luther Rudolph May go down in history How he ended up in the stew pot Still remains a mystery!!! M.Clary February 12, 2004

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